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Holiday Season Events 

Planning an event for the Holiday Season

Give your guests an unforgettable evening!


The Holiday Season is the ideal moment to highlight all of the great work that was accomplished throughout the year for the company. Whether it be to thank or celebrate your employees, holding an end of the year event must be done just so.


Your employees have high hopes for your corporate end of the year event. Stand out as an organisation and give them an unforgettable experience that will live on throughout the year.


7 tips for a successful Holiday season events party. 


For any important event, details and organization are key. Learn the different steps in order to insure a successful event.


1. Imagine an original concept 

What is the tone that you would like your evening to project? How do you want your guests to feel as they leave the event?


2. Find the perfect location 

Take into consideration the number of guests, the means of transportation to get to the location and the distance to get there.


3. Create a scenario 

To insure fluidity throughout the evening so that your guests feel thrilled.


4. Never minimize the importance of details. 

You just need one small thing to go wrong to lose control of the event. Small details will make all of the difference in the outcome.


5. Keep control 

Make sure to know what is going on and who does what. Start by making a list of the different responsibilities is an essential part of insuring the flow of the evening.


6. Offer unforgettable moments

Think of the evening’s animation and to all of the special things that will charm your guests.


7. Surround yourself with the right people 

It is unrealistic to believe that we can organize a large event without the help of anyone. Chose your suppliers wisely and surround yourself with specialists.


If you follow these tips at every step of the way, you will be certain of offering an incredible event.


The idea of this event resting on your shoulders is giving your anxiety? Do not panic! Discover how Plan B can help you organize and plan an event that will exceed your expectations and within your budget.

Our Services 

Enjoy your evening! Plan B takes care of evening! We take charge of every step of the planning of your event. Whatever the magnitude, you are always assured of providing your guests with unforgettable moments, through a sophisticated and incomparable event, tailor-made just for them.


The Plan B team will adapt to your needs and budget in order to offer you a concept to your liking. Whether it be a turnkey event or a segment of your event, Plan B will adapt to your reality.


Our promise :

  • Creativity

  • Refinement

  • Exemplary performance

Services offered :

  • Ideation and development of the concept according to the Holiday theme.

  • Planning and management of the project (budget, timetable, scenario, etc.)

  • Technical planning and logistics (lighting, sound, IT, etc.)

  • Speech writing, invitations, thank you letters.

  • Research and coordination of speakers

  • Creation of promotional tools

To the last details…

  • Research and visit of locations

  • Creation of a theme

  • Decorations

  • Animation

  • Development and dispatch of the invitations

  • Research and purchase of gifts

  • Proposition of menus and wines

  • Room reservations

  • Travel management

  • And lots more!

Custom Services 

Our services are destined to all individuals who coordinate events within their organizations as well as third party planners.


Plan B works with you to insure the success of your event. We take care of everything that you do not wish to do and accompany you at each step of the planning from the concept to the final execution.

Other Services 

Did you know that Plan B organizes many types of events? Whether it be for a recognition event, a fundraiser or a sumptuous wedding, our event agency offers custom services in the greater Montreal region.


The Plan B team executes important events throughout the year. Our know- how is put to the test for all kinds of corporate events. We are proud to have participated in the creation of these events during the years.

Let us inspire you!

CBCI Telecom Canada 

Celeration of the company’s 30th anniversary.

Fondation du CHU Sainte-Justine 

Recognition event for the major donors of the Growing Up Healthy fundraising campaign.

Look Good….Feel Better 

Fundraising event benefiting Look Good…Feel Better program.


Celebration event for the recipients of the Community Investment fund.

Corus Entertainment in Montréal 

Recognition event for the employees.

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Throughout your project, you will be accompanied by Lucie Brodeur and take advantage of her 25 years of experience in event management. She will advise you and surround you with the most competent people at each step of the way until completion

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